2007 IAME International Challenge - Barcelona Spain

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Race Report by Ben Walter (November 2007) 2007 IAME Int'l Challenge Report


Wednesday, 05 September 2007

Remo Luciani of REMO RACING is pleased to announce that Australia will be competing at the 2007 IAME International Challenge with six drivers at the IAME International Kart Challenge 6 hour Enduro race in Barcelona Spain.

IAME ITALY have invited their IAME importers from around the world to pick a team of drivers to be part of their International Challenge in Spain on October 25-28. Remo Luciani chose six lucky drivers who will compete at this World Class event representing Australia.

The Lucky drivers are...
Michael Goss, Kevin Millard, Rick Pringle, David Sera, Kel Treseder and Ben Walter

"My six drivers will have the opportunity to compete on a world class scale. The race will be held in Zaragoza "Circuit International de Zuera" in Barcelona Spain which is amongst one of the best European circuits in the world.

There will be over 15 different countries competing aboard equally prepared FA (Fernando Alonso) Karts powered by the IAME Parilla TaG X30 engine" Remo said.

The IAME International Challenge will be a six hour Enduro race. The starting grid will compromise of two teams from each country with three drivers in each team.

All the karts will be provided by the organization. They will be new and identical karts which will be drawn before the event. Each driver will be fitted with racing gear and equipment for the race.

Also, the organization will prepare both technical and mechanical assistance for each Country.

The first three hour final will be held on Saturday following the qualifying session with the second three hour final on Sunday. "Hopefully Team Australia can bring home the first IAME World Challenge Trophy".

Following our overseas venture will be the 3rd ANNUAL LEOPARD FINAL where there are two Toyota Yaris cars to be won again along with 5 trips to the 2008 IAME World Finals and IAME Leopard Engines.