2010 Bruno Grana International Trophy France - Race Reports & Photo's

Australian Lee Mitchener Wins the IAME X30 WORLD FINALS in France!
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About the Bruno Grana International X30 Trophy Event
If your a Leopard competitor and hold a current AKA licence then you are eligible to put in your application with Remo Racing for this rare opportunity to compete for Australia with the Remo Racing Team.

Ever dreamed of competing for Australia? Well here is your opportunity. This package deal is only open to all 'loyal Leopard Competitors' Australia wide and only available from REMO RACING.

You do not have to qualify or accumulate points or win any races to apply!

From June 10th to 13th 2010, this race will involve all importers of the countries hosting an X30 Challenge and will award the official title of best worldwide X30 driver.

15th June, 2010
Lee Mitchener Wins the Bruno Grana X30 Trophy in France!
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2010 Bruno Grana Internatoinal X30 Trophy - IAME Spa

IAME continue to support Australian drivers year after year, and in 2010 they have 'again' supported Aussie drivers by offering them the drive of a lifetime!

Remo Racing is extremely proud to be part of this fantastic package not available to Europen countries and thank IAME very much for assisting in the costs for Australian's to have the opportunity to compete overseas competitively.

Applications are only open to truely loyal Leopard competitors who will have a chance to compete with some of the worlds best drivers at the 2nd Bruno Grana International Trophy Event held in France in JUNE this year.
  • You do not have to run a series to apply...
  • You do not have to win a Leopard race to apply...
  • You do not have to accumulate points to apply...
  • You can be either an RL engine competitor or an X30 engine competitor in Australia to apply...
  • You only have to have been a true loyal Leopard competitor to apply to Remo Racing...
  • You must hold a valid AKA racing licence...
  • AND, there is no limit to the amount of Australian drivers that Remo Racing can invite to France...
Contact REMO LUCIANI to apply or for further details click here


IAME SpA have reserved for REMO RACING
the following package deal for Australian drivers.

• Supply of a DR, Alpha, Tecno or Zanardi chassis (subject to availability)
• Supply of a IAME X30 motor + maintenance service by the IAME technical team,
• 3 sets of slick tires MGS (1 set for the free practice, 2 sets for the race)
• Consumables for race (chain, sprocket ...)
• Gasoline / oil for testing and racing,
• Transportation of equipment on site and provision of a "Paddock structure "
• Entry Fee for the race and the track access for Thursday and Friday,
• Availability of an experienced kart mechanic
• Meals, driver and mechanic from Thursday noon to Sunday noon (entry, main course, dessert, drink, coffee)
• Accommodation for the mechanic (Wednesday evening to Saturday evening)



(Deposit of 500 euro will be returned at the end of the race, after having deducted eventual costs for breakages)

The following points remain the responsibility of the driver:
• International licence C
• Personal equipment (helmet, overalls, boots and gloves)
• Travel for the driver and his entourage,
• Hosting for the driver and his entourage.

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The International Circuit of Lavelanet in France will again be the venue in June, 2010

The "Bruno Grana International Trophy" is an event in the CIK calendar reserved to drivers of karts equipped with X30 IAME Parilla 125cc-RL-TaG engines.

For the second consecutive year, this prestigious event will take place in France on the International Circuit of Lavelanet, an hour drive from Toulouse and Perpignan, a few tens of kilometers from the Spanish border.

From June 10th to 13th 2010, this race will involve all importers of the countries hosting an X30 Challenge and will award the official title of best worldwide X30 driver.

This year, France, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, the United States and Spain were represented. How many countries will attend in 2010 ? Who will succeed the Belgian driver Kenny Vermeylen ?

Bruno Grana, Managing Director and CEO of historic Italian Manufacturer IAME, was one of the first to show interest in karting and to convince the Parilla motorcycle engines manufacturer of the time, to produce kart engines, initially for exporting to the United States and then in the whole world.

This adventure led, in 1968, to the acquisition of the brand Parilla and to the founding of IAME (Italian American Motor Engineering), still the world leader, in the production of kart engines.

Going back to the trophy dedicated to Bruno Grana, the organizing team has already begun work to refine in details the technical and sporting regulations, the host of drivers and the management of the races, in order to repeat the success of this year but never neglecting the outstanding values of Bruno Grana: "Competition, conviviality and control of costs"

Thus, an offer "turn-key" with a very special price will be offered to non-Europeans drivers thanks to the efforts of IAME, and, of course, also to the efforts of its French and Belgian importers (Eurokarting, Cedinap and Alpha) and the International Circuit of Lavelanet. Equipment ready to race, mechanic, food, Paddock, consumables, entry form .... Everything will be included (excluding only travel and accommodation of the driver).

The driver will have to come with only ... his helmet and overalls!

A few points of the regulation
- International licence C (CIK race) required
- Entry fee : 170 € with track access for Thursday and Friday
- 1 chassis, 2 engines, 2 sets of tires MGS (CIK Regulations)
- Tires Vega "rain" refunded if unused,
- 165 kg for X30, 170 kg for X30 Gentleman (driver + 32 years or over 80 kg).
- Chassis with CIK homologation
- Format of the race : Free practice (2 days), timed practice (10 '), 3 or 4 qualifying heats, pre-final (25 km) and final (25 km), podiums & Awards,
- Rankings separate for X30 and X30 Gentleman (driver + 32 years + 80 kg), country ranking

and in addition
- Numerous animations
- Presence of the IAME technical team,

- Deadline for entries, for extra european countries: 12/04/10

- The circuit can offer three types of accommodations : single (**), midrange (***)and luxury (****)



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