Read the drivers personal RACE REPORTS and see A HEAP of PHOTO'S - LIVE FROM FRANCE


Live reporting bought to you by Remo & Sabrina


2010 Bruno Grana X30 International Trophee

Yes!!! Australia No.1

Congratulations to BOTH Adam Hughes and Lee Mitchener.
You have made all Australians very proud.




(above) Adam and Lee on a mission


The "BRUNO GRANA 2010 – INTERNATIONAL TROPHY" is run over one single event
Lavelanet (France) on June 11th /13th 2010. The event is a recognised by the CIK / FIA

IAME Parilla X30 125cc-RL-TaG Engines Only Event

In X30 and X30 Gentlemen classes, in direct line with the American race of execption, the winner will win a luxury watch, engraved and personalized. The second and the third X30 will receive 500 €.
Finally, many prizes will be drawn among all participants!

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DAY 1 Report

"This is going to be bad, I can already feel it" Remo told us as we sat down to our 12 and half hour flight to Paris from Bangkok. Anyway skip the boring parts, by 5:15 we arrived to a dark and gloomy Paris with some rain falling, almost as if we hadn't left a wintery Melbourne. Straight through customs and onto our last flight before we can finally hit the road towards the track, just outside of Lavelanet.



Problem, 2 bags and 3 people, Adam's bag didn't show up at the baggage collection area at Toulouse airport.

After chatting to the Air France personal we decided to go into Toulouse for an early lunch before heading back to the air port for Adam's bag to arrive on the next flight.

Once we all had our luggage, we headed off to navigate what seemed a maze of roads out of Toulouse we cleverly guessed our way out of town and were finally heading in the right direction although on the scenic drive.



The French country side was such a sight to see, with sky high mountains everywhere filled full of rich green with and snow caps.

As we got closer to Lavelanet we went through a town called Foix. We happened to see quite of a bit of this town, due to a few wrong turns and a few guesses from the vague maps.



Upon entering Lavelanet the excitement was starting to grow as we saw signs at bus shelters advertising the Bruno Grana International Trophy event. This immediately made us feel much more lucky being in our position as we would never see that sort of advertising in Australia. A few more direction hints and we arrived at the track to find karts buzzing around, looks fast.

As expected Remo is well known and was stuck talking to a lot of people he hadn't seen in a few years, so we decided to walk around the pits and introduce ourselves to our teams; Lee (DR), Adam (Alpha).

Our teams and karts were setting up and looked very professional, like most CIK Karting outfits.

We spoke with our team managers about what to expect and what the plan is for the coming days of practice.

We found Remo up at the Tecno tent, to Adam's surprise he was called over to sign a picture of himself for one of the Tecno mechanic's which was something new for him.

We all left the track and after a jumping into the shower we headed out to dinner, surrounded by snails, and frogs legs, we are still not yet game to test our taste buds to that extent yet. Tomorrow we start our practice sessions at 8:30 and will work on learning the track, tyre and the hand operated front brakes that are fitted to both of our karts. More news tomorrow,

Au revior.








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Day 2 Report: Adam Hughes - #14 Alpha kart / Parilla X30

10/06/10 First day of practice

We arrived at the track at 7:30, the weather looking threatening we were both eager to get onto the track to get some dry running. Lee met with his mechanic for the first time and helped him ready the kart for practice at 8:30. Adam was greeted by Hugo the team manager of Alpha karts with a Alpha suit and t-shirts.


(The Alpha Kart Racing Team Tent)

Adam's kart was ready to go by 8:30 and he was one of the first to head out onto the track to get some mileage under his belt. After not the smoothest of starts, pushing the boundaries to far going into the tight corner at the end of the long straight, he was quick to mark his fantastic looking Alpha kart.

Inexperience with the front brakes played a part in his slight venture off the track. Lee's session however was much more mundane as he had to run in one of his engines as it was fresh out of the box. The first half of the day was an open track with no live timing taking place.


Hughesy and his mechanic made some changes and found some more pace and it was going pretty well at this stage. After about 3 sessions he was on top of the front brakes getting about 90% out of them. " locking a front brake is a strange feeling" he laughed. By this time Lee had run in his engines.


12.00pm - Lunch Break

During the lunch break Hughesy and Remo had a chat to last year's winner Kenny Vermeylen, who spoke English very well and was open to talk about set-ups and lots of other interesting things to do with his karting.


(Adam having a chat with last years winner, Tecno driver Kenny Vermeylen)


(Its good to see some girls out there mixing it up, this is Sarah Barthelemy from France)

Two hours later practice started again and Hughesy hit the track after making an axle change and some front end adjustments. The pace was heating up with Kenny going more than half a second quicker and then going even faster again in the following sessions.


(Adam and mechanic checking the tyre pressures, ready for the first run in the X30 powered Alpha Kart)

Hughesy struggled to find much more pace out of his kart before the end of the day. His mechanic not too worried saying we have 4 tenths to come in engine tomorrow and new tyres have had a gain of up to a second with some drivers however we expect about a 4 tenth gain at this stage. This sort of improvement would see Hughesy hopefully get inside the top 10.

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Day 2 Report: Lee Mitchener #15 DR Kart / Parilla X30

10/06/10 First day of Practice

It was day 2, and waking up from some much needed sleep to freshly baked croissants kicked us off to a great start.


(There are pretty girls everywhere. Even girls race the X30's all over the world)

Upon arriving to the track we were a bit unsure of what the weather was going to do. The mountains surrounding the track were holding back the dark grey clouds that were forecast to give us a wet days practice. Luckily for us the blue skies took control and we were set for a day of hot weather enabling us to get used to the track the way we were hoping.


(The DR Kart Racing team tent)

Because this was the first official day of practice, there were many more teams set up than what we had seen the day before. We were really starting to get a taste of the euro racing atmosphere. Each pit tent had its own little recreation area where you could sit to rest, or eat, etc. Every pit had a false floor, and was completely enclosed by walls printed with the team's name, ensuring that professionalism was on their agenda.


(Lee getting ready for his first run on day 2)

Adam and I could not wait to get out on track, the build up over the past couple of months was enough, but now that we're here, it has just made us more and more eager to get out there, and finally the time has now come, which in turn made us nervous more than anything.


(Lee Mitchener with his mechanic)

We do not know anyone that we are racing, we are on a new track that is unlike those in Australia, we are working with teams that have English as their second language, if they speak it at all, and to top it all off, we were driving a kart/engine package that we were not entirely familiar with.

It didn't take us long to get used to the track, producing times that were close to the quickest in each of our classes, the front brakes weren't too hard to come to grips with (ha ha) and the X30 was easy to tune.


(Lee first time out on the track)

After a few practice sessions it was time for a one and a half hour lunch break, each team put on a meal for their personal, including fresh rolls, salad, and wine....... Yes, it is ok to drink alcohol at the track, for both mechanics and drivers. Being the good boys we are, we kept our mind on the game.


(Lee and Mechanic, a very professional looking team!)

The end of the day saw us a little bit behind the eight ball, however hopes are still high as Adam and I are confident in our teams that we can make a few small adjustments to the kart to get us to where we aim to be.

The French atmosphere is absolutely amazing, there has not been one meal that has left us dissatisfied, everyone is so nice to you when you make an effort to converse, and the views are unique. With the temperature reaching approximately 30 degrees, and seeing snow covered mountain tops in the background, it is quite a sight to see.


(Lee on the grid)

Tomorrow will be a big day (providing the weather stays clear), it is important that we relay as much information back to our mechanics to ensure that we have the best possible setup leading in the qualifying on Saturday morning.

Au Revoir pour l'instant (good bye for now)


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Day 3 report from Remo on the official practice

Its 10:15 in the morning in France on Day 3 with good news for the Remo Racing Team.
Adam is on the pace today doing 1.1 seconds faster and now matching the best times. Lee is also 5 tenths faster and on the pace as well.

Its 2:30pm and on the 1st run after lunch in the DRY conditions Adam Hughes is the fastest on track with a 54.90.
Its now 3:00pm and Lee turn out on the track and it has started to RAIN! Lee decides not to go out.

We wait.


It's Bucketing down on Friday afternoon...




IAME have an X30 SHIFTER 125cc kart for any driver here at the track to test-drive today Saturday and Sunday lunch time for 1 hour.



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DAY 3 Report from the boys

Day 3 started off being a little colder than the rest for Team Australia, although as the boys had hoped for, the sun was shining once again.

It didn't take long for practice to kick off again, immediately the track was on pace, giving everyone participating great feedback from setup changes made overnight. Adam Hughes, after being a little disappointed with his efforts from the previous day, took off with blinding pace picking up 1.1 seconds, putting him in the top 5 of the session. Adam continued to get faster and faster progressively as each session went by. New tyres were thrown on for the final session before lunch giving him enough pace to drive by the current Champion Kenny Vermeylen, who was at the top of the time sheet consistently.


(Adam Hughes #14 at official Practice had a great practice session)

Adam wasn't the only one making progress, Lee Mitchener, now with his new mechanic was on a streak also. Gaining .2 of a second from his last session the previous day. Lee was generally happy with the kart now, and has a good feeling that he and DR Belgium team will be able to fine tune the chassis a little more to give him the edge needed to produce a quick qualifying time Saturday morning.


(Above, a very happy Lee and Mechanic)

Lunch break allowed Team Australia a quick powernap after magnific food provided by IAME. Looking forward to making some more progress in the afternoon practice sessions, weather got in the way. The heavens opened and let loose some solid rain for a good 20 minutes.

Adam and his team decided to call it quits for the day, however Lee was keen to get out and practice on the wet tyres along with getting used to the front brakes in the much more slippery conditions. Setting the 3rd fastest time, Lee was happy with where he was, and knows that there was some more in his driving, and kart setup to get him to the top.

It wasn't long after that the track dried but leaving it off the pace by around a second.


(Lee pictured above right with Mechanic)

The day concluded with positive attitudes for Team Australia, and are looking to put in a stella effort to get to the top of the sheets in the coming day's Qualification.

ps. From all of us in Australia.... Bonne Chance! (good Luck)

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi Oi Oi

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(9:00am France Time 5:00pm Aust time)

Great News for Australia!

At warm up this morning Lee Mitchener was fastest with a 56.66 in his X30 G class.
Australia 1st. at 8:40am


Adam Hughes on the grid about to go out for his warm-up lap and finished out-right fastest in his group at 55.05 only .004 off the outright fastest time to last years winner.

Things are looking good for both Australian Boys its now 9:45am my heart is pumping out of my chest.


Lee Mitchener heading out for his first time trial session with Mechanic.....
He qualified 2nd outright....

Pole time is 55.892 Lee just missed out with a 55.94! Very close.....

Qualifying 1

Qualifying 2

Great Job to both the boys..... Stay tuned right here for all the up to theminute action....
The addrenalin is unbelievable you have to be here the atmosphere is fantastique....

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11:30am France time


Remo Reporting 11:45am France time

"Here is a photo of Adam returning from his first qualifying session and now removing engine for cc checking.
I am very proud of Adam, great effort"




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HEAT 1 - X30 Gentlemen - #15 Lee Mitchener starting on grid 3.

"Lee Mitchener 3rd off the start into turn 2... then 2nd after 1st lap takes the LEAD in lap 3 and never heads and TAKES A GOOD WIN over last years winner by .52 gap"



Lee and mechanics extremely happy after his first heat WIN, covers up the No.5 to show he is No.1


IAME gave Lee Mitchener the pleasure of a test drive of the new IAME Parilla Shifter 125 engine at lunch time.

"It's now lunch time (12:00pm France / 9:00pm Aust)
IAME supplies breakfast, lunch and dinner for everyone everyday with delicious food."


"I am extremely happy and so is all the team. Lee drove like a champion"


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HEAT 1 - X30 - #14 Adam Hughes starting on grid 4

Adam Hughes is on the grid for the first heat, he starts on grid 4. The race started at 2:15pm.


"The light turns green and Adam's on the outside... gets pushed wide into turn 1 and goes back quite a long way but fights his heart out in the racing and comes home in a very close 5th position over the line"

"Totally amazing effort to recover after turn one, GREAT JOB ADAM, WELL DONE"

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HEAT 2 - X30G Lee Mitchener #15 - DR Kart / X30 engine

Lee starts off Grid 2 and has a great start and is in 2nd position after turn 1, then he TAKES THE LEAD into turn 6 and was never headed.

YES! a strong WIN by LEE with a 2.472 second gap to the guy who won last year.




(above, Lee won Heat 2 in front of last years winner)

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HEAT 2 - Adam Hughes #14 Alpha Kart / X30 engine


"Its the 2nd heat for Adam and again he had a bad start - Starting on the outside here is very bad, he got pushed back to 7th off the start and racing was close and Adam finished 6th"

It was a good race by Adam but they need to do some chassis set-up changes for the next heat.
Adam again put in 100%"

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HEAT 3 - Lee Mitchener #15 kart DR KART / X30 engine

12:30am Australia
4:30pm France



"Lee goes straight into the lead... a great start.... wo wo wo... RED FLAG now race stopped....
Lee's race continues here

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HEAT 3 - Adam Hughes #14 ALPHA KART / X30 engine


12:40am Australia time
4:40pm France time

Adam on the grid ready to go for heat 3...

12:55am Australia Time
4:55pm France time

"Adam has a better start this time, in grid 5 for the start he goes into 4th position into the 1st lap then ran wide back to 6th then gave chase to pass 5th and got it! Now chasing for 4th but ran out of laps. What an exciting race!
ADAM SETS THE FASTEST LAP OF THE RACE, the chassis changes were much better"

Well done.


HEAT 3 - Lee Mitchener #15 kart DR KART / X30 engine

5:00pm in France (1:00am in Australia)

Lee is back on track for the restart after a red flag.  Great start again by Lee, into 3rd then in 2nd on turn 6 back to 3rd on turn 7 in 2nd by the end of turn 1 now giving catching first for the lead, Lee is right on him now but trying to make it stick , his pass is not working, yes yes... Lee got through now, he is IN THE LEAD no no then last years winner in the front again and Lee is trying to pass him back but just cannot, Lee 2nd by just .09 GREAT RACE GOOD DRIVE BY LEE. Lee finishes 2nd in Heat 3

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HEAT 4 - Adam Hughes #14 ALPHA KART / X30 engine



Hopefully the weather will hold out....

it's now 1:50am in Australia (5:50pm in France) ... yes this is LIVE reporting!

(below) Adam is on the grid ready for heat 4



Green light and there are spots of rain Adam gets knocked back to 7th, he is trying so hard YES passes for 6th, 7th, 8th nose-to-tail now Adam makes a move for 5th and YES it comes off, and the last lap Adam is trying for 4th but can't do it cause the race is over. Adam is 5th. Absolutely a tremendous effort, he drove fantastic.
Great driving Adam.


(above) Adam racing in Heat 4

(2:25am Aust) (6:25pm France)
Just heard there's 5 heats today! stay tuned.....

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X30 Class out on the grid for Heat 5, Adam starts on grid 5.

Its 6:40pm in France and Adam is off to a great start in 2nd, he doesn't seem fast on the opening laps and goes back to 6th mid-race the kart is working better now and Adam is making a move for 5th and he made it now he is chasing 4th, he makes another move and YES now Adam is 4th, there's a few laps to go and Adam is trying for 3rd its close but cannot get there, Adam finishes in 4th place in Heat 5. GREAT EFFORT.

See you all tomorrow right here, REMO.

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updated_ani updated_ani updated_ani updated_ani updated_ani

Remo Racing Team Australia, confident after the finishing practice with positive results, were keen to get out on track for the morning warm up. A few minute changes were made to the setups and relied on for a direction to head in for the qualification.

Lee and Adam both topped both were both at the top of the time sheets, giving them both confidence leading into the qualifying round.


(above) Mitchener in morning warm up, with his massive Neck Collar lol.

Adam had a great deal of pressure on him as it was important that he made a good time to put him in a good position for the heat races. Due to the elimination process, it was important that Adam finished in the top 10 in every heat or else he might not make the cut of 38.

With a new set of tyres, it was Lee out for qualifying first. The Vega-x tyre was very sensitive and only provided approximately 2-3 laps of good performance before the "new tyre gain" dropped away and hence resulting in slower lap times.

Heading out mid pack Lee was producing some fast lap times, but kept on encountering traffic from the slower drivers. On his quick lap, he was forced to pass and resulted in him missing out on his pinnacle time for the tyres. Although disappointed, Lee managed to qualify a strong 2nd place only .05 seconds behind first.


Hughes waiting to get through Technical check to head out onto the grid for one of his heats
and Remo overlooking, making sure everythings ok for Adam.

Adam was scheduled to head out at in the 6th group of the x30 class (the last of the qualifying session). This proved to be a disadvantage as the track started to lose its pace. Although Adam set the fastest lap time in his group, it only placed him 7th overall. Adam all throughout the practice and morning warm should have lead him to a pole position, but bad luck as we know proved otherwise.

In heats 1 & 2 Mitchener showed good race craft. Starting on the front row was different for him than the normal he said. "the roll up formation laps are so slow, it feels like you are going to foul up the engine". Even with the unfamiliar format, he had strong starts, and although losing a few positions by the first corner, he was able to quickly make his way to the front of the pack and pull a small gap, consistently extending it as the race went on.

The third heat was cut very short due to an incident on turn 1 at the start of the race. After a reform the race recommenced, with Mitchener once again pushed back to 3rd. Making his way up to 2nd behind the leader, had trouble finding the pace to make it to the front and pull away like he had done previously.

The Concluding laps brought the crowed to the edge of their seats with dicing between last years winner and Mitchener, diving in deep under each other.

Unfortunately it was Lee taking the Bridesmaid award. But without too much disappointment, it was enough to put LEE MITCHENER ON POLE POSITION FOR THE PRE-FINAL SUNDAY.

The morning warm up started well for Adam he was in the top 5 overall, all doing 55.0's. Kenny Vermeylen (last years winner) ran new tyres in the warm so Adam was confident of a strong result in Qualifying. When qualifying came round Kenny posted an amazing lap time of a 54.5. Group's 4 onwards were unable to break into the 54.0s as the track had lost its pace and the wind had picked up costing us at least 2 tenths down the straight allowing me to only post a 55.0 but still he still managed to top the sheet. "i can't believe how much the track as changed it feels like there is no air in the tyres" Hughesy said after Qualifying.

That time put Hughes 10th overall which was not too bad as it would mean 2nd row starts for the heats. Hughesy had a bad start in heat 1 starting on the outside getting crashed into around the first corner causing him to loose at least 3 to 4 places. During the race Adam had heavy fuel leak from the cap causing it to go all over his knee and making it very uncomfortable to drive. Adam finished in 5th place.

Heat 2 saw another bad start as the driver in front of him gave away at least 2 kart lengths at the start. This was a tough heat for Adam as he has clutch binding problem making his kart very slow out of the corners. Adam finished in 6th place.

Heat 3 saw Adam starting 4th again and he was able to get an ok start this time only dropping back one place. Turn 4 saw Adam get smashed into causing him to drop more positions. By the end of the race Adam was posting fast times as the kart was much faster with the mountain of set-up changes they did.

Heat 4 Adam was please to be starting 3rd as it was on the inside. Going into the first corner he was tagged in the rear sending him off out into the stones and braking the bottom of his seat. After falling back to about 8th he climbed his way back to 5th place. During that race his axle had also moved causing him to have a very long rear brake pedal, lucky he has front brakes.

Heat 5 saw Adam starting on 3rd place again and this he managed to get a good start but the Alpha kart was struggling in the first few laps causing Adam to go back to 6th place. He managed to drive back to 4th place. Enzo driving an FA kart won most of the races along with Kenny Vermeylen, Enzo fresh from winning KF2 last week at Sarno in WSK.

Adam will need to find more pace tomorrow to improve his results he should be starting around 12th to 16th for pre final. It rained last night and this could mix it up for today's earlier races as the track may have changed.

The daunting skies let loose once again after racing concluded for the day whilst the karting community were enjoying a meal at the track supplied by IAME. Both Adam and Lee are hoping that this will refresh the track in the morning and will let them drive the track the way they are used to in Australia.

Lee starting off Pole Position for the pre-final in X30G class on Sunday and Adam around a little further back in X30 class.

Ce fut une grande course
(that was a great race)

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LIVE Sunday 13th.... Pre-finals.... Finals.... LIVE.... LIVE


"Good morning, its 9:20am in France and Lee Mitchener is heading out for his first practice session"

"YES FANTASTIC! Blistering times, Lee is fastest again at free practice with a 56.20"


"its now 9:45am and it is now starting to rain, its going to be bad weather today so anything can happen"

Lee is on the grid for his pre-final it is spitting rain but not wet enought for wet weather tyres, lets hop it works out ok for Lee.

The light turns green and Lee gets a great start and into lead Lee is under pressure from USA driver, USA makes a move down the straight and passes Lee on the next turn. Team USA spins off and LEE IS BACK IN THE LEAD.

The track is really wet now and the track is 20 seconds slower. There is ONE DRIVER ON WETS and 6 seconds a lap faster.  This guy is lucky, now takes the lead and drives off.  Lee holds 2nd position. Then USA driver Jim Russell Jr puts the pressure on Lee and now Lee finds new lines to drive and it's working.  Lee pulls a gap on Jim of USA.

The race is over and LEE FINISHES 2ND IN THE PRE-FINAL.

It is now raining hard and everyone is on Wets now its 11.15am



It's lunch time at Lavelanet France, and Lee takes a moment to send us his thoughts live from the track....

Hi everyone, Lee Mitchener here.

The pre-final was looking to be damp but not enough for wet weather tyres. I managed to gain a small gap at the start trying really hard to drive aggressively to get heat into the tyres as much as possible, which was taking effect until the skies opened up after about the 3rd lap.

I was leading most of the race until being overtaken by the only driver who risked putting on wet tyres for the race.

I am happy with the result and looking forward to the final, rain, hail or shine.  I'm not expecting any more than what I came here for, and that is to gain experience in the European race scene and most importantly enjoy every moment of it. A good result for me is a bonus.

Lee Mitchener

12:30pm France
8:30pm Australia

LUNCH - Provided FREE by IAME. Yummy, looks like lasagne, they can eat as much as they like, and Remo ain't saying not to that!


Adams Pre-final is coming up this afternoon...

9:48pm Aust
1:48pm France


Adam starts his pre-final in 8th position!

NOTE:  There is also a race called the "Lavelanet Cup" which is a race for non-qualifyers from grid 35 onwards. At the Bruno Grana X30 Trophee no-one goes home if you dont qualify, you still get a chance to win in another racing category. IAME take care of the Karters very well indeed. That's how karting should be, taking care of the Karter, the karter should be No.1 always. It just does not make sense to make it hard for the karter as the karter is the one who makes the races possible, right!



1:56pm france / 9:56pm Australia











This beautiful Trophy was presented to Remo for bring out the Australia team to the event.



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It's now 3:10pm

Its not raining

Adam starts on grid 8. The lights are green and Adam had a great start and into 7th now into 4th and by the end of lap 1, oh no Adam gets hit off back to 12th, now back to 13th and back into 12th again. 11th now and 10 and tries to take 9th place.... and it works last lap and yes finished 9th!! He made it into the top 10! He starts on grid "4" for the final. Fantastic.


There's dancing girls out on the track now... 3:32pm France / 11:32pm Aust
Lee Mitchener is going out for his Final shortly.



Photo of Filippo (IAME CEO) Remo (AUST IAME importer) and Oscar (owner of IAME)


(below) Lee and the mechanic getting ready for the final in 10 Min.
2:53pm France / 11:53pm Aust

A very confident and relaxed looking Lee Mitcherner indeed!


Lee ready on the grid for his final. He starts off grid 4 shortly...





The girls dance and the race is almost underway...

The race starts.... Lee's leading all the way....  Lee's driving like a champion, its lap 3 and he is still in front he looks strong out of the bottom corner and the infield, Ostier is chasing him, he is close behind and has a slip stream advantage on the straight, its a long straight, but only is faster on the straight, its between the two of them, the others are way way behind. Lee still fast in the infield he holds his position.... the guy behind makes some ground on him but Lee drives briliantly through the infield and opens up a gap Lee wins!!!

Lee wins, he is No.1 Australia is No.1!

His dream has come true. He has won a European event, congratulations from all of us





(below) ADAM is out on track for his Final heat.


Adam has a bad start and is 'out' first corner....(see top right) but he gets back on the track and is in position 36....
oh no, Adam is out.

He put in 110% effort, he has worked so hard, and to that, I say he is a champion, we go back a long way and I am tremendously proud of him for his efforts.

The boys celebrating together...

Congratulations to BOTH of you.

You have made all of us in Australia very proud. 




Just a couple more shots....


This is the accommodation they stayed last night... in Toulouse France, very picturisque!


Lee Mitchener received 1st Prize - Swiss TAGHeuer Watch








Click on "Midi-pile Toulouse du 13/06/2010" and then, go to 9'13

If you need some help to log onto it then read on.

1. Click on the blue button in the middle of the screen and save the file to your computer
(It says)
with an arrow

2. Then click below the arrow it says "Version Simplifiee en cliquant ici"

3. Scroll down to where it shows the midi file "Toulouse du 13/06/2010"

4. Try to fastforward but I suggest to wait till the television program gets to 9:13
I found it easier to wait for the buffering till it gets there.




Sorry I didn't get a report off to you earlier, but its been pretty hectic and plenty of celebrations. Remo, Adam and I are now stuck in Paris with a delayed flight, we didn't make the connecting flight in Hong Kong. We have arrived in Australia this morning.

Thank you to everyone following me progress, I look forward to speaking to you again soon!
Lee Mitchener


Remo, Adam and Lee have been delayed for almost a full day and are stuck at the airport.
Remo's in the Qantas lounge checking out "Kartbook" ...




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Hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have.
Live reporting from France: Remo Luciani
Live updating: Sabrina Luciani