The following has come to our attention and we would like to make all IAME X30 engine owners and engine tuners aware of the following.

Please ensure that when purchasing engine spare parts that they are GENUINE IAME and have the IAME Markings on them. There have been some instances that NON GENUINE parts have been replaced in the engines and your engine will be illegal.

Not only does this rule keep engines as original but also for reliability and most importantly out of the box racing.

The Following parts MUST carry the IAME MARKINGS on them.
If these parts do not carry the IAME markings on them it will make your engine ILLEGAL under AKA rules.
Balancing Shaft
Gear command Balancing Shaft

Starter Ring
Engine Sprocket
Clutch Drum

Clutch Body
Reed Group and Petals
Carby inlet Conveyor
Exhaust Silencer

Exhaust Header
Clutch Cover and H.T. Coil
Bendix Cover

The X30 Homologation Document clearly shows pictures of all spare parts with the IAME Markings.

You can find the document under Products>>engines>>IAME X30 on our website.