Thursday, 08 September 2011 16:43

AKA spec IAME KF engines, IBEA Carby & MG Tyres eligible for NZ competition in KF2 Class

KARTSPORT NEW ZEALAND:  Effective for the 2011 Island Sprint Championships (21-23 October 2011) and including the 2012 CIK Trophy of New Zealand (27-29 January 2012) Kartsport New Zealand have introduced a Supplementary Rule (See below) which will allow the use of AKA spec Iame KF engines.

ibea  mgtyres  iame 

The IAME engines will be able to run in the Kartsport New Zealand's KF2 class with simple changes to rpm box (15,000) and intake silencer tubes (23mm).

Rule E3.7 KF2 Class

MAW: 158kg
No front brakes permitted
Spec Dry Tyre MG-FZ (Yellow) ($NZ330 set retail including GST)
Spec Wet Tyre (Any tyre from the CIK homologated “Wet” classification tyre, 2005-2007, 2008-2010 or 2011-2013 lists).
Carburettor Brand Ibea. Permitted models: L5 CIK 252/C/09, L6 CIK 4/C/15 and L9 CIK 8/C/18.

Hopefully this will help encourage a few Australians over, especially to the 2012 CIK Trophy of New Zealand.