Saturday, 12 November 2011 07:46

Remo Racing is receiving LIVE REPORTS from Cian Fothergill in Japan (courtesy of Peter Galvin)

Click the above link to read the live reports received  from Cian Fothergill, courtesy of Peter Galvin.

DAY 1: Thursday 10 November:
LIVE Race Reports from Australia's Cian Fothergill competing at the CIK-FIA ASIA-PACIFIC KF2 CHAMPIONSHIP in JAPAN.
10/11/11 DEAR REMO: We met the team today they are nice we also met our mechanic Sandro!! We put the karts together I have learnt heaps in 1 day I put the.... READ MORE ON REMO RACING FACEBOOK

DAY 2: Friday 11the November:
 CIK-FIA ASIA-PACIFIC KF2 CHAMPIONSHIPS in JAPAN. 11/11/11 DEAR REMO: Hi mate, OK, today was very good we tested engines mostly just the exhaust spacer mainly we also tested some small chassis changes .. Sandro (mechanic) is very good but he likes the.... READ MORE ON REMO RACING FACEBOOK

DAY 3: Saturday 12th November:
Latest update from CIK-FIA Asia-Pacific KF2 Championships in Suzuka Japan: Cian Fothergill had a great drive, he went back to 9 and drove to 4th and set the "fastest lap again". Olivier (Kosmic Team boss) was amazed!!! READ MORE ON REMO RACING FACEBOOK

Click this link for live RESULTS as they happen from the CIK - FIA website