Thomas Pooley_2012_trophynz

Thomas Pooley (Monaco kart) dominates the JNR Restricted CIK Trophy of New Zealand 27th-29th January at Wellington.

Monaco Kart driver Thomas Pooley from Christchurch NZ won the Junior Restricted 100cc Yamaha class at the CIK Trophy at Wellington on the weekend of the 27-29 January.

Thomas Poled both the qualifying sessions, won two of the three heats and won the Pre-final and the Final leading from start to finish in final.

Thomas Pooley_nz_Trophy_jrcik_1st2

Thomas Pooley_2012_trophynz1

Thomas Pooley_nz_Trophy_jrcik_1st

Thomas Pooley_nz_Trophy_jrcik_1st5

Thomas Pooley (sponsored by Mainland Karting NZ) Pictured at presentation