Wednesday, 21 March 2012 01:08


Monaco GP7 Kart Pic 
Remo Luciani's 'signature' chassis, THE MONACO GP7 specification sheets have been added to each model page.

Brochures can also be viewed on the Monaco model pages here


CADET: Download the Monaco GP7 Cadet Brochure(488.08 KB)

JUNIOR: Download the Monaco GP7 Junior Brochure(472.58 KB)

GP7-28: Download the Monaco GP7 28 Brochure(502.77 KB)

GP7-30: Download the Monaco GP7 30 Brochure(471.15 KB)

GP7-CIK125 Download the Monaco GP7 CIK 125 Brochure(491.02 KB)

Monaco GP7 Kart Pic