Sunday, 08 April 2012 20:02

Remo winning 2012 NZ champs

Remo Luciani WINS the 2012 MG Tyres NZ Ltd, KartSport New Zealand National Championships
1st Monaco GP7 chassis & MG Tyres

Remo  James New Zealand 2012
Pictured left is James Sera 2nd in Yamaha 100 Light (Monaco kart / MG Tyres)
Pictured right is Remo Luciani 1st Yamaha 100 Heavy (Monaco kart / MG tyres)

Remo competed in Yamaha 100 Heavy class and qualified fifth quickest on Friday, finished third in the first heat and runner-up in the second and Pre-Final then got the better of a race-long battle for the top spot in the Final.

Firstly, I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Brad Tyrrell of Pacific Kartsport NZ, who had a Monaco GP7 Chassis and engine ready for me when I arrived in New Zealand on Wednesday. The equipment wasexceptional and everything went so well all week for me. Congratulations also to James Sera (James Sera's Karting Centre) on his 2nd place in Yamaha 100 Light with his Monaco Chassis.

Remo winning 2012 NZ champs
(Pic by Fast Company)

The feeling I have right now is incredible; to win the NZ Nationals means a lot to me. In the Final race of Yamaha 100 heavy I pushed myself to the limit, I was so hard on myself but had to find the determination inside of me and was definitely sore towards the end. I knew that I just had to keep pushing and had to hang in there if I wanted to win. 

There was no room for error. There was no crashing or incidents getting to the lead it was a great race for me, in fact I had to avoid a crash and I lost around 1.2 seconds. I also just found out that I did the fastest lap outright in the Final and for me that’s a good feeling as I’m not getting any younger!

The Agrisea NZ raceway is so difficult and I was so fast at the hardest part of the track, which is the downhill run (left right decent) it’s very technical and that’s where I made up all my ground. It feels good to be able to win here in New Zealand, I very much appreciate this win and it didn’t come easy as there were many talented drivers in the class including the current NZ champion.

Many congratulations to the Hamilton Kartsport NZ Kart Club for putting on a great event and everyone for making us Aussies feel welcome and honestly my time here has been very enjoyable and I would definitely come back and race here again and recommend other Aussie competitors to experience the racing in NZ. The track is one of the best tracks I have ever driven on.

"Thanks Again Brad Tyrrell of Pacific Kartsport NZ"

Remo Trophy 2012 NZ Champion Yam100h