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Tuesday, 30 October 2007 10:47
"Congratulations on your 4th place, Kevin Millard, Rick Pringle and Michael Goss, and also to David Sera, Kel Treseder, Ben Walter for a tremendous effort. We are proud to have had all SIX of you guys on the team."

Six of Australia’s best Karters flew the Australian flag proudly in the inaugural IAME 125 World Challenge in Spain last weekend.

The event saw 31 teams from 15 countries assemble at the Circuit International Zuera in Zaragoza, approximately 290km from Barcelona, to battle for the honour of becoming the champion team. Held over a pair of three-hour endurance races, where the driving duties evenly split between the drivers, the event was unlike anything the Australian contingent had previously experienced.

Of the six Australian’s, David Sera, Kel Treseder, Ben Walter, Rick Pringle, Kevin Millard and Michael Goss, only Sera had raced overseas previously. Despite this fact, the entire team was extremely impressive throughout the weekend.

Pictured above is F1 driver Fernando Alonso with IAME’s Filippo Fagnani at the drivers Gala Dinner The team of Pringle, Millard and Goss crossed the line second during the opening encounter on Saturday, only to be penalised two laps for leaving their pit bay a few second shy of the minimum five-minutes required during a stop. Despite this hiccup the trio fought back gallantly in the second race to remain with the front-runners and claim fourth overall.

“This was a tremendous experience and I can’t thank Remo Luciani from Remo Racing and the team at IAME for the experience they have provided us with this weekend,” said Pringle, “The racing was crazy and the track was like nothing any of us had experienced before. It was 1.7km long, had a massive straight, two hard braking corners and a few others you dabbed the brakes for – it was insane. “To give people an understanding of how fast the track is, we were running a gear ratio with ten less teeth on the rear sprocket that we would normally run at Melbourne’s Todd Road. While the racing was a big part of the trip, travelling to a different part of the world has also been a huge experience for us all.”

Unfortunately, the trio of Sera, Treseder and Walter had a weekend full of mechanical issues masking their outright speed. After qualifying in 25th position Sera steered their machine into the top ten by the end of the second lap during the opening encounter. A couple of laps later he was involved in an incident that bent the front crash bar and hampered his acceleration. After enduring some further problems in the second three hour encounter they would eventually be classified in 30th position overall.

The overall victory went to the Canadian team of Michael Hogg and David Jurca, the only entry with two drivers in their line up. Australian IAME Importer, Remo Luciani of Remo Racing, was delighted with the performance of the six Australian’s across the weekend and is already looking forward to next year’s event to be held next September in Italy.

All competitors who have competed in every round of their State's Toyota IAME Leopard Series or are competing in this weekend’s Final Shootout will have the opportunity to win a trip to compete in the 2008 IAME 125 World Challenge in Italy.