The winners at the 2009 Final Shootout were Adam Hughes (Light) and Brendan Nelson (Heavy)

Hughes was presented with a fully sponsored overseas drive and Nelson won a complete Monaco Kart & Leopard engine package.

Adam Willison won the 'random draw' prize of the Toyota Yaris Motorcar! This is the 9th CAR that Remo Racing has put up as a prizes since the Leopard Final Shootout's inception in 2005.

Lots of other prizes were given away at the Leopard Final Shootout presentations. Over the years, Remo Racing has given away the value of almost $400,000.00 at the one-day Leopard Final Shootout events.


The Leopard Grand Final Shootout was littered with big prizes in both classes. Melbourne's Adam Willison won the "LUCKY DRAW" for the Toyota Yaris!

All Leopard competitors who competed a minimum of 3 Leopard class races anywhere in Australia were invited to the Leopard final and those who entered went into a 'random draw' for a chance to win the car.

Marcus Luciani (son of Remo) drew out Adam's name. When Adam was presented the keys, his reaction was so touching, he really could not believe that he had won a car! He was absolutely lost for words.



Congratulations to an extremly happy Adam Willison who drove away with the car... TOYOTA!!! (ash-budd pic)



Leopard Light Winners
1st Adam Hughes
Prize - 2010 IAME World Challenge drive (includes Airfare, entry fee use of equip, mechanic, spare parts, tyres, fuel)
2nd Tyler Greenbury
Prize - 2010 IAME World Challenge drive (includes entry fee, use of equipment, Mechanic, spare parts, tyres, fuel)
3rd James Sera
Prize - 2010 IAME World Challenge drive (includes entry fee, use of equipment, Mechanic, spare parts, tyres, fuel)

Leopard Heavy Winners
1st Brendan Nelson
Prize - Monaco GP6 Kart and Parilla Leopard X30 engine package and MG tyres (valued at $7000)
2nd Rick Pringle
Prize - (competed under 3-rounds in 2009) Remo Racing product voucher to the value of $1000.00
3rd Simon Roberts
Prize - Complete Parilla Leopard X30 Engine (valued at $3,495.00)
4th Brad Fitch
Prize - Complete Parilla Leopard X30 Engine (valued at $3,495.00)

Random Draw Prizes at Presentation
All drivers that competed in over 3 races in 2009 and entered the Leopard Final went into a draw to win a CAR. Adam Willison was the winner of a brand new Toyota Yaris Motorcar

Other Random Draw Prizes
Remo Racing also gave away by random draw to some 20 Leopard competitors prizes such as mufflers, exhaust headers, tyres, reed petals, gasket sets, spark plugs, chains, hats etc;

Leopard Light Report mylaps results here
Adam Hughes might have lost the F100 title, but nothing was going to stop him winning Leopard Light. James Sera challenged the Kosmic driver in the opening laps but couldn't hold the pace, Adam Hughes marching out a race winning gap as Sera and Tyler Greenbury battled for second - which went the way of the Queenslander.


Fergus Symes put in a blinding race from grid 14 for fourth ahead of Reece Kawitzki and Adam Willison.  At the official presentations, James Sera congratulated Hughes on his win, stating that Adam is the first non-Sera to ever win the Leopard Light grand final!



The lovely Bel-Ray Gridgirls pictured here with Leopard Light class winners 1st Adam, 2nd Tyler and 3rd James who all won the opportunity to race at next years IAME International World Challenge for the Remo Racing Team Australia.

Leopard Light
1. Adam Hughes (Kosmic)
2. Tyler Greenbury (Tony Kart)
3. James Sera (Azzurro)
4. Fergus Symes (Arrow)
5. Reece Kawitzki (Kosmic)

Leopard Heavy Report mylaps results here
Brendan Nelson saved his best result for the final to take a clear win in Leopard Heavy - and winning a complete Monaco/X30 package for his efforts. Nelson was fast in the preliminary races, but wasn't pulling the big results. It was Brad Fitch who won the pre-final, but a shocking start to the main race saw him slip well back. Thus it was Rick Pringle who led the opening laps, but it wasn't long before Nelson took over and pulled away.

Fitch worked his way back to third, but Simon Roberts eventually took the final podium position after a close battle. SA's Paul Pittam was fifth.


First prize, a new Monaco GP6 kart complete with an X30 engine and MG tyres, ready to race (above)

Leopard Heavy
1. Brendan Nelson (Kosmic)
2. Rick Pringle (CRG)
3. Simon Roberts (Vanspeed)
4. Brad Fitch (Tony Kart)
5. Paul Pittam (Omega)



Leopard Heavy podium (above) 1st Brendan, 2nd Rick and 3rd Simon with the lovely Bel-Ray Gridgirls

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Photo's of the 2009 Leopard Final Shootout and Horsepower Heaven - Titan Event can be purchased from - Ash Budd Photography

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