2008 Toyota IAME Leopard Series details

Full details of the 2008 Toyota IAME Leopard Series have now been issued.

Remo Racing Pty Ltd being the promoter of the Leopard 125 Class will be running a National Leopard Series during 2008 in every State.

The official name nationwide will be called
“2008 Toyota IAME Leopard Series”

The Series sponsors are Toyota Australia, IAME Italy and Remo Racing.  This is the 4th consecutive year that the series has been run and we are proud to once again be involved.

Remo Racing Pty Ltd would like to work in conjunction with all the State Series Co-ordinators to help make this National event successful.  The Series will entail a 5 Round Series in each State with the final round to be concluded by early October. This will then leave enough time for all participants to be notified for the Final Shootout to be held late October or early November.


As per 2008 AKA Manual


  • There is NO restriction to the brand of chassis.
  • The Leopard engine is as per 2008 AKA rulebook.
  • The Leopard engine must be manufactured by IAME spa, be Australian delivered by Remo Racing Pty Ltd. and all cylinders must have AUS stamped on them (engines imported prior to the 1st October 2005 will be identifiable by engine numbers only). Remo Racing have also recorded all engine numbers of Australian delivered engines and may conduct spot checks at any time.


The entry fee will be set by each State to fit in with their current Series.  The Promoter Remo Racing Pty Ltd does NOT receive any entry money whatsoever.

All we ask is that part of the entry money be used to purchase the trophies for each round of the series for the Leopard Light and Heavy classes.  At the end of their STATE SERIES, the Clubs that hosted the Leopard Series should ALL contribute towards trophies for their State Series Winners 1st, 2nd & 3rd Leopard Light and Heavy.

Remo Racing is not sponsoring individual State Series events in prizes as we are putting all our resources and funds into the Final prize pool.  There are no terms or conditions set for a minimum of entries in each state to be eligible for the Final Shootout prizes.


It will consist of a 5 Round series in each State with weights of 160kg for Light class and 180kg for Heavy class.


Each state will run their race format in accordance to ‘what is in place in their particular State’.

Example; if a Series in your State runs 2 heats and a final then that would be the race format in which you will race, in other words, we are happy to ‘fit-in’ with each States racing format.  (Some states may even allow you to drop a round for the final calculation of the points.  This is entirely up to the State).


Point scores will be run in accordance to the point score system already in place for the Series run in your State.


Any competitor who has competed in a minimum of 3 rounds of the Leopard Series is eligible to enter and compete at the Leopard Final Shootout.  At the close of entries if there are still empty grid spaces the promoter reserves the right to allow other Leopard Series competitors to fill the remaining grid spaces. This will be done at the promoter’s discretion.

Any Competitor who has competed in all 5 rounds of the Leopard Series  regardless of where they finish, will be eligible for a ‘LOYALTY BONUS’ prize draw to win a trip overseas to compete at the IAME 125 INTERNATIONAL CHALLENGE.

All Competitors who enter and compete at the Final Shootout will ALSO go into a prize draw to win a trip overseas to compete at the IAME 125 INTERNATIONAL CHALLENGE.


A Final Shootout will be held at the end of the year in either late October or early November.

1 x Motor Vehicle for the first place getter in Leopard light class
1 x Motor Vehicle for the first place getter in Leopard heavy class
And many other prizes, which will also include trips overseas.