About Kosmic Kart

The parent company of Kosmic Racing Kart - Tony Kart - was founded in 1958. In 1983, with the entry of new management, a radical change took place within the company.

Thanks to new investments in research and production cycles the image has been continually reinforced, rapidly coming into the limelight of the World Karting scenery. The assistance of specialized personnel and the automation of its production have led to an improved product and both functionally and aesthetically.

In order to be able to produce a high quality chassis with a cutting edge and competitive characteristics, Kosmic Kart dedicates enormous care and time to the study of new solutions and to research into the latest technology available in the world.

It is avant-garde approach from the design and technological points of view, which represent the essence and characteristic of Kosmic Racing Kart - perfectly in line with the conception of a modern company, where every decision is backed by a careful marketing study.


Robotically welded chassis and components enable Kosmic Racing Kart to have the perfect marriage of quality and reliability. Unlike many other karting manufactures, Kosmic Racing Karts can withstand several seasons of constant demands, thus giving the ‘club' competitor an overall advantage.

CNC machining centres are spread throughout the impressive factory based in Prevalle, Italy, giving added control and precision to enable components produced of both magnesium and aluminum to be manufactured.

An entire department dedicated to engineering and full development of the product line is also in place at Kosmic Racing Kart. With a full time engineering department, consistency and quality are maintained throughout every part and process. This type of dedication is what sets Kosmic Racing Kart ahead from the rest.

Remo Luciani met with the Kosmic Kart Factory Team drivers
World Championships
Nikolaj Bollingtoft (left) and Alessandro Bressan (right)
on his visit to the 2008 World Championships


Some may claim that their kart is the same shape and design as the KOSMIC Kart... but the real piece of the puzzle is the Team that delivers!

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