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Remo Luciani started racing in 1981. In 1986, Remo opened a small after hours business 'Remo's Kart Racing Services' in his home town of Horsham, Victoria to help support his racing career.  A passion for karting made Remo give up his 'safe pensionable job' as a car salesman for Mitsubishi Motors in Horsham and together with Sabrina they pursued a full-time career in the karting industry in 1993, they named the company REMO RACING PTY LTD. Not keen on the city life they decided that home was where they wanted to set-up his business. The Warehouse is situated in Horsham in country Victoria (half way between Melbourne and Adelaide). 

The early days of Remo Racing were very tough. Racing away from home 50 out of 52 weeks a year they have worked hard to build a successful business and devote most of their leisure time to help their customers. Remo's ultimate objective is to help drivers WIN. Quality service, attention to detail, and the willingness to go above and beyond the expectations of our customers is the key to our growth. 

Now, over 20 years later owners Sabrina & Remo Luciani have developed and perfected a brand that people can trust. His wife Sabrina has been in the karting industry throughout her working career.  She has taken care of the administration side of the business and the Marketing of their ever-expanding business including marketing Remo. 

Born in 1960, Remo Luciani is a highly self-motivated person with the determination to succeed. Remo's commitment to racing continues today, and at his age he still competitive, racing against much younger drivers. Remo has 7 Australian National Championship Titles, and 54 State Championship Titles (current) to his name. His karting knowledge and experience is second to none. 

Remo made 'Australian history' when he won the Formula 100 Title in 2010 making him the "oldest ever Australian Champion" in the history of Australian Karting.  Remo’s ability attracts the top racers who come to him to sharpen their karts for the big races. In fact, more and more people are coming to him as a result of the experience he has and the results he delivers.

To anyone in Australian Karting, and even those overseas, REMO RACING is synonymous with excellence, reliability and, most importantly, dedication to the sport.
The quality of our products and the demand for the product names that we import has made REMO RACING the largest importers and distributors of karting products in Australia today. 

Although Australian karting has been experiencing some uncertainty over the past few years, business for Remo Racing has increased so much that they expanded to new premises to keep up with the demand for their services. They have over 1200sqm of workshop space with a further 600sqm of mezzanine, which is staggering considering this all started out in a small garage in the backyard at home over 25 years ago, in 1986.

When trying to explain what Remo Racing offers it might be easier to say what it doesn't offer because they do it all. They are the official importers and distributors of the worlds BEST BRANDS and the home of the successful Australian made MONACO GP Karts.

REMO RACING are the EXCLUSIVE IMPORTERS in Australia for Kosmic Karts, FA Karts, Tecno Karts, IAME Engines, OTK parts, IBEA Carburettors, KG Products, Lucky Design, MG Tyres and Australian distributors of Motul Lubricants, RK Chains and Talon Sprockets for Karting

At Remo Racing we pride ourselves not only on providing the very best karting products from around the world, but everything is backed by the very highest levels of customer service. 

Before, during and after purchase we back our products and service every step of the way, assisting every customer to get the most out of their purchase.  So when customers are looking for equipment that performs, quality that lasts and products that "do work", they look no further because REMO RACING only supply the VERY BEST karting products to our customers... Remo puts his reputation on it.

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