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Remo Racing are proud to announce that the LEOPARD CLASS
will be touring in all 5 rounds of the 2012 CIK Stars of Karting Series 


Leopard Class on tour with the CIK STARS OF KARTING SERIES!

The Leopard Class is open to ALL IAME X30 or RL 125cc engine owners, whether you’re an amateur driver or professional.
The 5 rounds will be contested at Newcastle, Bolivar, Ipswich, Melbourne and Eastern Creek.

There will be PRIZES won at EVERY ROUND so GRAB YOUR IAME ENGINE and enter a round nearest you.


LEOPARD CLASS: Rules per AKA manual

WEIGHTS: 160kg Light and 180kg Heavy
TYRES: Contracted MG FZ Yellows Rules per AKA manual.
ENTRIES: Register now on Stars of Karting Series website:

Race Format

The race format for the LEOPARD CATEGORY will see both Light and Heavy competitors line-up in the same field. Which means that there will be two weight divisions but run on the track at the same time in the same field. So all drivers will grid up based on their qualifying time - regardless of what class they are in, and the first Light and first Heavy driver across the line will win their respective categories. The rules are as per AKA rule book so are simple.

Rub shoulders with the elite

The atmosphere at the CIK Stars of Karting events is absolutely amazing! Rub shoulders with Australia's elite drivers and see what its like to be amongst the professional side of karting. If you are unable to follow all the rounds of the Series you can still WIN PRIZES by entering one of the rounds below in your State.

Leopard Class has produced MANY champions who have moved up to CIK racing.

If you see last years’ entries in the CIK Series you will find that HALF of the competitors in KF1 and HALF of the competitors in KZ2 came from LEOPARD Class.

Below is a list of drivers from last years CIK Stars of Karting Series who competed in KF1 (Pro-light) and KZ2 classes and all came from LEOPARD Class

Jake Spencer
Cian Fothergill
Grant Smith
Adam Hughes
George Geranis
Jason Hryniuk
Ben Edwards
Matthew Erdmann
Elle Brydon
Cameron Macqueen

Damien Radosevic
Shay Mayes
Tyler Greenbury
Matthew Hayes

Kel Treseder

Jason Pringle

Matthew Wall

Scott Taylor

Kyle Ensbey

John Grother

Lee Mitchener

Jordie Lindstrom


So here is proof that Leopard competitors can gain a wealth of experience and develop their racing skills in the Leopard class. Leopard class competitors ARE our future champions.
The IAME X30 engine is still the exact same engine as used world-wide. The other great benefit of owning an X30 engine and racing in LEOPARD CLASS is that there are NO RULE CHANGES.

The X30 engine was built by leading engine manufacturer IAME in 2004 and there have been NO parts changed since its inception in Australia in 2009, and we have kept our promises.
It is a true OUT OF THE BOX racing engine with low running costs with “NO BLUEPRINTING REQUIRED" nor possible due to the design of the major components.


The ultimate goal of this series being at such a prestigious event is to not only provide Leopard competitors invaluable experience competing in a low cost 125cc class with an amazing atmosphere but also the opportunity to ultimately MOVE UP into CIK racing.

Round 1 - February 25/26 - Bolivar, South Australia
Round 2 - April 21/22 - Newcastle, New South Wales
Round 3 - June 16/17 - Ipswich, Queensland
Round 4 - July 28/29 - Eastern Creek, New South Wales
Round 5 - September 22/23 - Port Melbourne, Victoria


LIGHT WINNER: The Leopard Light winner of the five-round series will secure a NEW IAME KF ENGINE for use in the KF1 class at the 2013 CIK Stars of Karting Series.

HEAVY WINNER: The Leopard Heavy winner of the five-round series will win a NEW X30 ENGINE to keep, or the EQUIVALENT VALUE towards the KF1 classes at the 2013 CIK Stars of Karting Series - Winners choice.

FIRST LOCAL HOME: There will also be a prize awarded at EACH ROUND to the first local home for both Leopard Light and Heavy classes. (A local is a competitor from that State example: SA, Vic, SA etc;)

MORE PRIZES: ALL Leopard Light and Heavy drivers who compete in this series (minimum any 3 rounds) will automatically qualify to compete for prizes at the Australian Leopard Final Shootout.

OPPORTUNITY: ALL Leopard Light and Heavy drivers who compete in this series (minimum any 3 rounds) will automatically qualify for a spot in the 2012 IAME International World Final in France.

Take advantage of our special offer extended till the 31st January, 2012.
Purchase an IAME X30 engine and receive 2 Sets of MG tyres of your choice FREE. Thats a saving of up to $510.00.
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