Friday, 12 April 2013 12:34

2012 NZ sprint champs YAM100H 266 copy monaco

Remo Luciani, "I will always be passionate about
Monaco Kart and will remain 110% dedicated to
the Monaco and continue to assist drivers with
advice as I have always done for many years to
come" and "to existing Remo Racing Monaco
dealers, you will have an account with DPE to
continue on as normal with Monaco with my
personal support, I will still be there for advice
and service when you need it"

Joint statement from DPE & Remo Racing regarding the ongoing supply of Monaco Karts

In a joint agreement between Remo Racing and Drew Price Engineering, as of the 1st May 2013, the Monaco range of karts will be distributed by DPE. The Monaco brand was first launched in 1993 by Remo with the help of long-time associate and successful kart manufacturer Drew Price.

Over the following twenty years the Monaco brand grew to be the second most successful kart brand in the Australian market with over forty two national championships and over three hundred state championships achieved to date, plus several New Zealand championships in its short time in that competitive market.

This important change comes with the blessing of Remo Racing’s Remo Luciani who said:

“Remo Racing and DPE have enjoyed a long and successful partnership with Monaco Karts and this decision has not been taken lightly.

"I do firmly believe that restructuring the distribution and the revitalization of the image of Monaco karts will become very beneficial to our valued dealers and customers

"Furthermore I will be playing a role as Product Ambassador for Monaco Karts and will continue to choose Monaco for my own racing and remain available to assist Monaco dealers and customers should they require my advice.”

DPE would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Remo Luciani for his many years of effort promoting Monaco to become one of the leading kart brands in the Australian & New Zealand markets. Our thanks also go to all the Monaco dealers who have played an important part.

Drew Price Engineering’s Managing Director Drew Price said of the change: “DPE are extremely excited to relaunch and build upon the success of the Monaco brand within the Australian and New Zealand markets.

"We will also be seeking distribution in other key markets where the Arrow brand has been established. We see these two iconic karting brands further strengthening our Australian kart manufacturing business against the wave of imported kart brands that has increased by a substantial number over the last three years. Currently there is over forty three brands being imported into Australia and we need to continue to be innovative with our marketing strategies to maintain our strength and keep at the pointy end of the market”.

DPE looks forward to a very bright future for the Monaco kart brand.

2012 NZ sprint champs YAM100H 266 copy