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Remo Racing introduction Letter to new Leopard RL engine owners

Dear Karter,
Welcome, and Congratulations on your purchase of the awesome IAME Parilla Leopard RL engine.

ALL new Leopard RL engines come with the new GREEN CDI module and digital K ignition "free of charge".

Our first priority is to ensure your full enjoyment of your Leopard. Please follow the attached Recommendations to make sure you will be able to run your Leopard engine trouble free.

You must read the 'Owners Manual' that comes with your Leopard RL engine and follow the recommended break-in procedures before running your new Leopard at racing speeds.

Not following these recommendations carefully may cause serious damage to your engine.

Remember, it is your responsibility to make sure that your engine completely conforms to the rules (current AKA manual) and that you follow these rules whilst participating in Leopard class events. We ensure that you are kept up to date with these rules so log on to our website regularly to keep up with any changes.

We are sure that occasionally you will have questions to ask or simply need some advice, so please feel free to contact Remo direct if necessary, you will be sure to get the right answer.

Engine spare parts are readily available from ANY reputable kart retailer in Australia. We sell Leopard engine and spare parts to all reputable kart dealers Australia wide. If they do not have what your looking for in stock get them to give us a call or contact us for a dealer nearest you.